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Upper west side restaurants


Whether you are Jewish or have a friend or family member that is, finding upper west restaurantS side can sometimes be a challenge. You want to know before you sit down to eat that the kitchen serves not only kosher ingredients prepared in the correct way but that the food is tasty too! 


In 2018, finding an upper west side restaurant doesn’t need to be difficult anymore! These are our tips for finding restaurants on the uppers west side, the things to look for, and most importantly the qualities that can make a kosher restaurant your new favourite!


Ask Your Friends


Do you have friends that could help you in your search for upper west side restaurants? If so, make sure to ask them about their favourites! Since you already know they have good taste in friends, they'll probably have good taste in a tasty restaurant as well.


Read the Menu Online


For practically every restaurant in the country, you can find their menu online at their website. Kasbah Grill, for example, offers its guests a complete menu on the website so you can pick out your new favourite dish before you eat there.  Look at the ingredients they use and try to see if there are any non-kosher dishes. If the restaurant offers cheeseburgers or shrimp, for example, it is a sign that they aren’t fully kosher no matter what their website might say. Avoid these types of “kosher restaurants” since their other kosher dishes might not meet all of the requirements. 















Read Reviews Online


You can read a review for just about anything these days. In fact, many people make a living going to different kosher restaurants around Manhattan and reviewing them. You can learn a lot from online reviews, and depending on how much access the reviewer has to the restaurant, they might be able to tell you more about the kosher practices the restaurant follows. Nevertheless, it’s always good to check out the reviews beforehand simply to see how tasty the food I before you try it yourself!


Read the Restaurant’s Story


Most reputable kosher restaurants will tell their story of the restaurant right on their website. Kasbah Grill, for instance, lists the history and story of the owners grew up in Israel and New York City. They talk about how they learned to fall in love with Jewish culture and kosher food before opening their kosher restaurant. By learning more of the story behind the restaurant, you're taking a peek inside the minds of the owners and cooks that will make the food. If they share a passion for kosher food and treat each dish with respect and care, chances are their passion will shine through in the food.


Try the Food!


After all of your research beforehand, the only thing left to do is to try the food for yourself! Get your family and friends together and wander out to one of the kosher restaurants on your short list. Ask about the specials, what the restaurant is known for, and local favourites, and prepare to excite your taste buds. Contrary to what some might think, kosher food isn’t boring at all, and some of the best dishes in the world can be found at kosher restaurants! 


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Are you looking for the best quality kosher dishes in Manhattan? Try Kasbah BBQ and Grill for tantalising steaks, fresh sushi, and delectable desserts!  

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