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Black Angus spicy beef served

with lettuce, tomato, onions,

and a chicken skewer $22.95


Certified Black Angus beef burger,

crispy bbq pastrami, lettuce tomato, onions and pickles $15.95


Black Angus beef served with

lettuce, tomato, onions and

pickles $13.95

ORIGINAL FRIED CHICKEN                           

Louisiana style 1/4 fried chicken

white | dark meat, served fries $ 15.95

CRISPY BEEF CIGARS                           

Tasty ground meat rolled into

puff pastry dough

5 Pcs. $9.95         10 Pcs. $16.9516.95


10 inch tortilla wrap

Our Signature wrap with lettuce, tomato

onions avocado and mayo basil

10 inch wrap $15.95

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Upper west side Kosher Restaurants in NYC 



Kasbah Kosher Restaurant, one of the most well known of all kosher restaurants in NYC, is famous as one of the best upper West side restaurants in NYC. In collaboration with our world-class Executive Chef, the Kasbah kosher restaurant in Manhattan has created a deliciously tempting menu featuring traditional American favorites as well as Kosher Middle Eastern specialties.



Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will see to your every need, guaranteeing a relaxing, enjoyable and simply stunning dining experience. Our menu offerings run from dishes including the classic deli pastrami sandwich, homemade hummus served with crisp pita bread, fresh tropical sushi rolls, to a sizzling King Moshiach Steak. Fans of our upper west side restaurant return again and again to experience and enjoy our famous signature dishes such as Brazilian Sirloin Steak, handmade beef cigars, and the Kufta spicy burger, just to name a few. 


Brick walls, antique chandeliers, and rustic finished woods transform Kasbah into the best kosher steakhouse in NYC for couples, friends, reunions, family celebrations, and large group Party's & events.




Upper west side restaurants NYC 



Our story begins in New York City in the 1980s. The Dery brothers’ were born in Morocco and raised in Israel where they were greatly influenced by Middle Eastern cuisine. Eventually, brother David Dery arrived from Israel and opened their first kosher restaurant in Manhattan. His menu of Middle Eastern delicacies quickly caught the attention of both the Jewish and secular communities of Manhattan, as well as the five boroughs.


David Derry fondly recalls his early influence into cooking. “During childhood, my mom and aunt were always cooking something delicious that was ready for tasting. After learning kitchen skills for myself, I decided to share this experience and to pass it on with an extra unique twist of the Middle Eastern flavor and atmosphere. 


I drew upon all of the culinary secrets that I had learned over the years from my family and created a Mediterranean & American Menu that was second to none. After serving in the IDF, I moved to America, to build a brick-wall Upper west side kosher restaurant in NYC.”


“After starting our dream restaurant, we began to add healthier and perfectly natural ingredients to each exquisite dish. At the same time, I slowly began to absorb the beauty and flavor of my Jewish religion while learning more about my Jewish heritage. 


Sure enough, I found a connection with the Chabad community of Crown Heights. It was at that point that I decided to add an additional ingredient to our restaurant – sharing the incredible message of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Now, the feeling of our restaurant is not only saturated with delicious dishes and aromas, but also with a taste of Torah and Mitzvot. 


We even integrate this into the overall dining experience by offering fun promotions, such as offering customers a free dessert for saying a Dvar Torah at their table. By adding the special, personal touch to the dining experience, we believe The Kasbah is one of the finest of upper west side restaurants - but you don't have to take our word for it.

Come and see for yourself - our dedicated, friendly team will ensure your experience at one of the finest kosher restaurants in NYC is one you'll want to repeat over and over again.




Thank you for dining with Kasbah best Kosher Steakhouse Restaurant

Mashgiach on premises at all times

Under OK Supervision


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=For reservations call 212-496-1500=

 = 251 WEST 85th Street NY, NY 10024 =

Sunday to Thursday 12pm-11pm, Via Subway: Take the 1 train to 86th St


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