Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan
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Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan
Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan
Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan

Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan on the Upper west side, Kasbah Grill is famous for being the best Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan, As well if you are not a big Meat Eater it's ok we brought Chef Lee with a fully Loaded Kosher Sushi Bar with Kosher Sushi Deliveries in Manhattan NYC. 


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Kasbah BBQ and Grill: Not Your Average Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan


Years ago, there were only a select handful of kosher steakhouses in Manhattan. Today, there are more than 300, each offering a variety of the same tried and true items. Beef, in particular, is a relatively kosher dish from the start, as long as the animal was butchered in accordance with Jewish law. Because of this, you'll probably see a variety of restaurants appear when you search "kosher steakhouse in Manhattan.” 


Even so, not every restaurant is the same, and Kasbah BBQ and Grill separates itself from the rest by offering unique flavor profiles, a selection of different food from around the world, family tradition, and a welcoming guest experience. 




The restaurant was founded by the Dery brothers after they moved to the United States in the 1980’s. They were originally from Morocco but raised in Israel. This experience living in these countries helped to develop their taste for authentic Mediterranean and kosher cuisine. Their mother taught them to cook, and they still use many of the lessons they learned in the kitchen at a young age in the dishes served at Kasbah BBQ and Grill today.  


When you taste a dish at Kasbah BBQ and Grill, you’re tasting years of authentic tradition and the care and loyalty to kosher practices. By melding their culinary influences from the Mediterranean with their love of traditional American steakhouse flavor, Kasbah BBQ and Grill offers a unique dining experience for everyone. 


A Kosher Taste from Around the World


Traditionally, a kosher steakhouse in Manhattan served the same basic dishes that you could find anywhere. They had the staples of ribeye steaks, porterhouses, and New York strips, but they didn’t offer much variety for everyone. Kasbah BBQ and Grill broke this trend by offering unique Mediterranean inspired dishes along with fresh kosher sushi prepared with Japanese tradition in mind. With these various entrée and appetizer selections, anyone is bound to find their new favorite dish when they visit Kasbah BBQ and Grill. 


By catering to more people with different dishes, Kasbah is the number one kosher steakhouse in Manhattan for parties, private events, corporate meetings, or a nice quiet date night. 


Welcoming Guest Experience


The owners of Kasbah BBQ and Grill went above and beyond to create an atmosphere that welcomes families and individuals in without feeling clustered or generic. The antique chandeliers hanging from the ceilings combined with the rustic brick walls and wood accents work together to build the ultimate blend of casual and formal. No matter the occasion, when you visit Kasbah BBQ and Grill, you’ll never feel underdressed nor will you feel overdressed. 


Kasbah caters to more than just the Jewish community. While another kosher steakhouse in Manhattan might bombard guests with its Jewish heritage, we created a kosher steakhouse in Manhattan that anyone can eat at without fear of exclusion. The primary goal of the restaurant is to provide quality dishes that our guests and their families can enjoy for years to come. 


Dine with Us


If you are looking for the best kosher steakhouse in Manhattan, look no further than Kasbah BBQ and Grill! Read about our history on the front page and tantalize your taste buds by exploring our extensive menu. Once you’re ready to give our dishes a try for yourself, book a table online and prepare for a kosher feast you’ll remember forever!

Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan
Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan
Kosher Steakhouse in Manhattan