We are proud to announce our fish dlicates menu
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Kasbah’s 9 Days Menu

Grilled Fish Specialties

All Fish are lightly Sautéed and Grilled to perfection, Marinated in your choice of 6 different sauces

Balsamic Italian sauce | French lemon sauce | Teriyaki Garlic sauce Mayo Basil sauce | Dijon Mustard sauce

Tuna Steak $29.95 | Salmon Steak $27.95 | Salmon Fillet $28.95 |S. Peter (Tilapia) Fillet $25.95 | Red Snapper Fillet $29.95

All fish are served with Sautéed Vegetables and a choice of

French fries | Basmati Rice | Baked Potato | Mashed Potatoes Baked or sweet Potato | Pastas | Salads & More...


Fettuccini Pasta: with Grilled Salmon and Mayo Basil sauce $25.95


Fettuccini Pasta: with Grilled Tuna and Italian Tomato sauce $26.95


Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad in our Caesar dressing $25.95


Fish n’ Chips: Classic favourite served with Tarter sauce $24.95


Fish n’ Chips for Kids $14.95




All Wraps are served in a regular or Whole-Wheat Wrap | All Wraps are served with Lettuce, Tomato and Red Onions inside.

Grilled Tuna Avocado Wrap with Mayo Basil sauce $26.95

Grilled SalmonAvocado Wrap with Mayo Basil sauce $24.95

Grilled Tilapia avocado wrap with tartar sauce $23.95

served with a choice of
French Fries | Basmati Rice | Baked Potato | Mashed Potatoes | Baked sweet Potato



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